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on the second day of christmas:

So it's technically the third day but hey let's count this pacific time-posted. Also I have not yet slept so still today.


Unless I'm sorely mistaken and it's not, which would be unfortunate.

I need to give something, so song recs: one direction's cover of use somebody because I adore it and them. Uh, Terra Firma by The Daylights. Jesus Christ by brand new. Fast Car by Tracy Chapman. Snow by red hot chili peppers. Everything by Michael Bublè: but am I talking about the song or the literal meaning? We may never know.

Adios, all. Gonna go read mark/wardo fic til I fall to sweet oblivion.

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gesture to all of you -- httyd/hiccup

fic: on the surface it stings (charles zabini)

notes: this is for noor and it's not for christmas. it's for, uh, the third day of winter. because winter is pretty freaking important, okay. you asked for a charles follow-up and well, here it is. (this is a companion piece to the rest of your nights with the light on, that bullshit fic i apparently wrote for the-ass-fest. i'll make a post about that sometime next year.) unbetad.

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gesture to all of you -- httyd/hiccup

oh, the weather outside is frightful

this morning, i was awoken by the sound of christmas music being played. you gotta love the holidays, man. now that thanksgiving has finally come (happy thanksgiving!) i can now sing and play christmas songs without looking like a shit. which is awesome because christmas music is the best ever.

also, there is an art to making fried plantains and i think that if someone did it long enough they'd have major upper body strength because mother of Christ, it made my arms hurt. Jesus.

also HAPPY THANKSGIVING to folks over here in the states and get your comfy shoes prepared because midnight, it's on.

for other people. it's on for other people because i'm not putting myself through that tomorrow, nope. two years ago i pulled an all-nighter in the mall and then spent most of the morning there, too. twelve hours or so? i'm trying to remember if it was worth it.
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game of thrones:

oh my god, what is this show?

watching game of thrones and khalessi--i don't remember her real name, sorry, but khalessi is exotic and beautiful, okay--has, uh, just done something that is possibly a spoiler, dammit, so i won't mention it, but mother of Jesus. i love this. and then there's arya, who doesn't belong in that time period because she is too fierce to ever serve a man or to just be a wife and ugh, i cannot.

on the other hand, i absolutely despise the lannisters and i'm never sure about spoilers, i'm really not, so i can't sufficiently share my emotions with you because i'm too lazy for a cut, but, you know, there are just so many emotions i have about this, man. (except, probably, tyrion, but i'm not too sure about him yet, fully because of his last name, but i think i might like him. he's terribly real.)

and bran, poor thing, he doesn't deserve any of it, not at all, because, i mean. and JON MOTHERFUCKING stark SNOW, i want to hold you tight and never, ever let go and this is reaching the point of a cut necessary (unless it's already past it, whatever) so i will stop. BUT IF YOU WATCH IT ALSO, LET'S TALK.

i recommend it to anybody and everybody, because the world must understand why winter is coming.

ETA: kjbgvijksd there's gay, too, oh my god, you guys.
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(no subject)

i think it's probably not good when you're only finishing a story for a secondary character and carry deep resentment toward the main character that you made up and just kind of want him to get shot or something.

and if this was a movie, and Main Character was tony (which he's not because i love tony and don't entertain thoughts of his falling into a ditch) and Should-Be Other Main Character was steve, steve would only have been in the movie for 5 minutes after a three hour viewing that doesn't have any sort of end in sight.

i am never writing ever again. i will lay in my bed in my sicky germs and watch british shows on my laptop and sneeze out my lung and be happy.
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fic: some of our regrets yet (harry, R)

title: some of our regrets yet (or: sorry.)
summary: 'You swallow my heart and flee, but I want it back now, baby. I want it back.'
rating: R, i s'pose
pairings: harry/ginny, harry/draco, harry/luna (implied ron/hermione, obviously)
word count: ~1312
disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters and ideas herein are the property of JKR and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
notes: for myself because i'm clearly fucking psychotic. there are notes at the bottom. please don't look before you read this. summary shamelessly taken from dirty valentine by richard siken. and imprintofadream... i don't have words for her anymore.

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get that out of my face

so i've been watching sherlock bbc these past few days -- and i say days because it takes me a very long time just to watch one movie, okay, and sherlock is like three movies, so i feel justified. anyway. it's extremely just amazing AND WHILE I MAY NOT AGREE ON CERTAIN ENDINGS TO CERTAIN EPISODES, it's pretty awesome. really freaking awesome. all the feelings for lestrade and mycroft and moriarty (he's a really terrible person, i know, i know -- the only difference between him and sherlock is which side they choose to fight on and really, is sherlock really fighting any side other than his own, the beautiful bastard) because, i mean, this show, man. ALL THE FEELINGS.

it doesn't matter what verse sherlock holmes is in: whether it's rdj's flawless representation of victorian!era or benedict's modern how-are-you-real part, i completely adore him.

and don't even get me started on doctor john watson. don't, ugh.

so i have this thing:

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and then this other thing:

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ooh, and i'm also reading the book, too, which helps.

and also-also: richard siken, holy christ. i want to buy crush, because honestly. i want to carry that perfection around everywhere. seriously, just looking at my attempts at poetry and then his masterpieces makes me want to delete everything. alas.