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game of thrones:

oh my god, what is this show?

watching game of thrones and khalessi--i don't remember her real name, sorry, but khalessi is exotic and beautiful, okay--has, uh, just done something that is possibly a spoiler, dammit, so i won't mention it, but mother of Jesus. i love this. and then there's arya, who doesn't belong in that time period because she is too fierce to ever serve a man or to just be a wife and ugh, i cannot.

on the other hand, i absolutely despise the lannisters and i'm never sure about spoilers, i'm really not, so i can't sufficiently share my emotions with you because i'm too lazy for a cut, but, you know, there are just so many emotions i have about this, man. (except, probably, tyrion, but i'm not too sure about him yet, fully because of his last name, but i think i might like him. he's terribly real.)

and bran, poor thing, he doesn't deserve any of it, not at all, because, i mean. and JON MOTHERFUCKING stark SNOW, i want to hold you tight and never, ever let go and this is reaching the point of a cut necessary (unless it's already past it, whatever) so i will stop. BUT IF YOU WATCH IT ALSO, LET'S TALK.

i recommend it to anybody and everybody, because the world must understand why winter is coming.

ETA: kjbgvijksd there's gay, too, oh my god, you guys.
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