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oh, the weather outside is frightful

this morning, i was awoken by the sound of christmas music being played. you gotta love the holidays, man. now that thanksgiving has finally come (happy thanksgiving!) i can now sing and play christmas songs without looking like a shit. which is awesome because christmas music is the best ever.

also, there is an art to making fried plantains and i think that if someone did it long enough they'd have major upper body strength because mother of Christ, it made my arms hurt. Jesus.

also HAPPY THANKSGIVING to folks over here in the states and get your comfy shoes prepared because midnight, it's on.

for other people. it's on for other people because i'm not putting myself through that tomorrow, nope. two years ago i pulled an all-nighter in the mall and then spent most of the morning there, too. twelve hours or so? i'm trying to remember if it was worth it.
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