and violence henceforth (mentalistecbm) wrote,
and violence henceforth

on the second day of christmas:

So it's technically the third day but hey let's count this pacific time-posted. Also I have not yet slept so still today.


Unless I'm sorely mistaken and it's not, which would be unfortunate.

I need to give something, so song recs: one direction's cover of use somebody because I adore it and them. Uh, Terra Firma by The Daylights. Jesus Christ by brand new. Fast Car by Tracy Chapman. Snow by red hot chili peppers. Everything by Michael Bublè: but am I talking about the song or the literal meaning? We may never know.

Adios, all. Gonna go read mark/wardo fic til I fall to sweet oblivion.

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Tags: i should shut up, personal, what is sleep even, yeah baby

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